We share your bae😂😂.

Bro she isn't yours alone.I hope you are not the over protective type,the insecure bastards you know,because am about to hit you with a load of reality.That girl you love,or think you do,the one who has stuck with all your bullshit and broke ass for sometime now and you now think you are everything?The idea... Continue Reading →


Love is a lie

Marriage is a scam.Love is a scam too,the biggest of scams ever.The hideous narrative that you are only made for that one guy or girl is the biggest lie ever coined by these religious fanatics.Don't get me wrong,am no atheist yet,am an idealist,a relativist and am here to dissect these millennial lies deepthroated in us... Continue Reading →

Kenyan Music Sold Out!

Just the other day and we were all participating in the malwedhe challenge from Limpopo South Africa.The craze took all and sundry like a bonfire in the Kalahari and we are here asking ourselves why we don't support our own music? So Jalang'o blasted the Kenyan artists for shoddy music and we think he is... Continue Reading →

Njaanuary temptations

So the tricky month in our new year calendar is officially here with us though some of us feel that December too had some specks of January in it.My January officially began on boxing day which sets me thinking that my consternations will last forty days just like Jesus had his during the famous fasting... Continue Reading →

The Tomorrow Woman:Queens Becoming.

Forget about the ugly side of Vera Sidika's life,her hate for women eaters like Otile and all the other stuff.Look at what that lady has done with herself.I mean transforming herself from a video vixen to a business woman then recently to a musician (even if you are claiming it was sexually transmitted) is quite... Continue Reading →

White supremacists are just plain dumb

If you thought that it's only Trump and his cronies who are white supremacists then you haven't met this African American girl called Treasure.If you are a proud fan of Dr.Phil then certainly you have watched her tear down African Americans live on Dr.Phil.Treasure thinks that all blacks are ugly,have giant ears,big lips and supposedly... Continue Reading →

These October Desperados !

They say a woman can play the silent game to a displeasing husband while plotting a gruesome revenge for so long but when you see a man-a fully grown African male in this case-unable to keep the between-the-sheets matters a secret then you know it has been too much.Earlier last week a top Kenyan politician... Continue Reading →

Tweepie!In the corridors of Twitter.

-Wizkidayo aka Starboy is definitely a living proof of his alias considering the type of relationship he has with fellow artist Tiwa Savage (Stargirl perhaps?).So a video of them went viral and this is what tweeps had to say.Zero chills! -The famous and dreaded judge Justice Lessit today released the prime suspect of the Sharon... Continue Reading →

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